What is FutureNHS?

FutureNHS is a collaboration area containing information and networks. It is is widely used by the NHS. You will need to create an account to access the information. Once you have an account you can subscribe to sections and join networks.

FutureNHS Collaboration Platform logo

Getting an account

NHS email account holders

If you have @nhs.net or @*.nhs.uk email address you can register for an account at future.nhs.uk

Select Register, then follow the instructions to set your account up.

Once you have your account search for:

FutureNHS Collaboration Platform screenshot
Screenshot of the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform login screen

Non-NHS email addresses

FutureNHS is set up predominantly for NHS staff. It is possible for non-NHS staff that have been commissioned by the NHS to provide implementation support to the NHS to be invited to access specific areas within the platform.

We are working to ensure that all the information linked to in this guidance is open and in the public domain. In the meantime, if you do not have a NHS email account and are in urgent need to access some of the information on FutureNHS, please contact us through the feedback survey, and we will consider your request.